Green Jobs & Youth Leadership


Green Schools: Creating Opportunities Beyond the Bricks!

The annual Youth Summit brings students, teachers, administrators, and environmental education providers together to celebrate the hard work and successes of the many Maryland Green Schools across the state. This year, our theme celebrates learning outside of the traditional classroom.


This year, we are dedicating a pavilion geared toward career and leadership development for high school students. We want them to know about the exciting environmental-related opportunities for them and how they can pursue these many different types of career pathways and leadership opportunities.

Please consider having a display and being available to talk with 200 high school students about educational, career, and leadership opportunities. We anticipate over 3,000 to attend the event, overall, and you may see some younger students at your booth as well.

MAEOE is a small non-profit organization and relies on the generous donations of our patrons. Registration to participate is $25 and covers your entrance to the park for up to four staff. Your registration also includes your logo on our website for one year, hand-out materials to go to every teacher (150), social media promotion opportunities, and snacks.

Please note: This event does take place outdoors. We do not recommend having lots of paper on display.

Register HERE!