Green Centers


The Maryland Green Center Award is a way to recognize and honor a facility’s efforts in implementation of environmental education, best management practices and community engagement. Centers offer support to schools working towards being awarded the Maryland Green Schools status. Centers educate schools, teachers and parents about the Maryland Green School Program. Their staff and volunteers assist schools in fulfilling the requirements to earn the award. There are currently 43 Maryland Green Centers. The award is valid for four years.


Support schools in their efforts to become Maryland Green Schools:

• Provides information about the MD Green Schools program
• Works closely with schools to guide the MD Green School application process
• Contributes to schools’ MD Green School award application
• Provides programmatic support for School Environmental activities
• Provides focused In-service or professional development for teachers
• Provides direct instruction that is related to MD Green School projects at a school/community
• Partners with the school for solutions to environmental issues in the community
• Provides Schools with contacts and connections to the appropriate resources

Model environmental sustainable practices in the building and site:

• Models at least 4 of the 7 Sustainable Practices listed on the Maryland Green Schools application
• Incorporates the Students in the use or education description of the Practices

Support community environmental learning:

• Is active in the community
• Partners with schools for action in the community
• Partners with the community to work on environmental issues at the school

To apply to be a Maryland Green Center