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The Maryland Green Center Award lasts for four years. Centers apply after participating in the required Green School support and best management practices for at least two years. Centers which are re-certifying can count activities & programs in the past four years towards their application.


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Important Dates:

Green Center Requirements

For New and Recertifying Centers:

For Sustainable Centers:

  • Intent to Apply Fee- Must pay by December 16, 2016. Please click here to fill out your Intent to Apply.
  • Cover Sheet: Please fill this out and submit with your application. This document needs original principal signature to be accepted. No electronic signatures.
  • Brief summary: In your application please give a brief background about your center including a brief description of your center’s green culture and significant changes that the center has made.
  • Brief Goal Summary: In your application, please outline your 4 year, 8 year, and 12 year green center goals. For more details please see the sustainable center application.
  • Metrics Collection: This replaces the excel spreadsheet completed in the past. Please enter your data and a brief summary of your “Top Five” accomplishments here. For guidelines on the top five, please see the application guide. Do you want to know what is on the Metrics Survey? Here is the Metrics Survey PDF. The data collected must be submitted online though. Green Center and Green School metric surveys are different, please make sure you use the correct one.
  • Documented Application Objectives: See Application Guide for details.

2016-2017 Application Guides for Green Centers

Newly Certifying, 1st and 2nd Recertification

Application Guide

This application is for schools who are new or recertifying to become a Green Centers.

Sustainable Centers

Application Guide

This application is for schools who are new or recertifying to become a Green Center.

Getting Started: Step by Step Guide (including timeline dates)

  1. Put together a Green Center Committee.This committee can include center staff, volunteers, community partners, administrators, parents or Board Members.  This will make it easier for you to put the application together. At the first meeting evaluate what you have in place and what you need to plan.  (September/October of Year 1)
  2. MAEOE Green School Training.  Consider attending one of these trainings which will teach you about the Green School application, the program and the process.  The training sign-ups can be found on the home page or the Green Schools Application Page. This will help you when you are assisting schools become Green Schools which is Objective 1.3 and 1.4 of the Green Center App. (Fall of Year 1)
  3. Set up a File Sharing System in your center to share documents/information. For example the center sharing drive, a google drive, etc. (Fall of Year 1)
  4. Contact local support:
    • Another Green Center. Green Centers are established to help provide local support for centers interested in becoming green centers.  The list of green centers can be found at
    • Green Leader: If you still believe you may need further assistance contact who can contact a Green Leaders to see if any are available to mentor you.
    • MAEOE Office: The MAEOE office is here to offer support for new Green Centers.
  5. Have a minimum of half the center’s staff attend environmental education professional development. There are many opportunities for staff to receive EE PD. Check out the MAEOE calendar ( for more details on EE PD like MAEOE Conference, Monarch Workshops, Project Wild/Wet, Project Learning Tree, Green Eggs and Sand, etc. (Throughout the fall/ winter/spring/summer of Year 1 and Year 2.)
  6. Offer Professional Development Opportunities to teachers. (Throughout the fall/ winter/spring/summer of Year 1 and Year 2.)
  7. Start populate Objective 1 in your application. (November Year 2)
  8. Turn in your intent to apply by December deadline. Finish populate Objective 1 and start populating Object 2 by winter break (December Year 2).
  9. Finish populate Objective 2 (End of January Year 2).
  10. Attend the MAEOE conference for Mock Review Session of your application. MAEOE conference can count towards 1.2.2 of your application. If you cannot attend the conference consider sitting down with your Green Leader or Green Center to do a one-on-one Application review. DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNTIL MARCH. Green Leaders are busy people too, so the earlier you can meet with them, the more time and feedback they can give you. (February of Year 2)
  11. Fully populate Objective 3. (February of Year 2)
  12. Complete final touches of your application and turn in your application. (March of year 2)
  13. Results of your application will be returned to you. (April year 2)

Finding Support for the Application Process:

Application Trainings

Dates to be announced soon!